March 20th 6:36pm - Hour 1: Alcohol Aspirations

My traveling companion is ecstatic Chevy Chase in National Lampoon´s European Vacation. Except drunk. And on Spring Break. I, World Wise Traveler, was unaware of a very focal flight fact: you can bring alcohol on the plane. Legally. And drink. Chevy Chase had previously determined he would smuggle a water bottle of alcohol on the plane. His mother (a prior airline stewardess) had advised him not to appear a rebel because his butt cheeks would be checked. His bandana and ¨Amazon¨ hat equated Potential Rebel. His butt cheeks, subject to search, had been the former Smuggle Alcohol Plan. As neither of us was confident if caught he wouldn´t be detained as an alcohol terrorist, we resolved the multiple alcohol bottles would enter checked-in luggage for destination-consumption.
New Plan: purchase a bottle in airport and smuggle on plane. Duty-Free shop=bottles. Wallet=money. Drunk desire=done. While buying fifteen minutes before flight departure and thirty minutes after initial boarding, the cashier inquired his flight information. Chevy Chase provided it and queried why. Answer: so the bottle can be delivered to the correct gate.
New Knowledge: when purchasing alcohol at a Duty-Free store before an international flight, they will bring the bottle to your gate and hand-deliver it to your seat minutes before take-off.

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Anonymous said...

Im surprised this was your first encounter with the delightful advantage of shopping duty free before an international flight! duty free and i go way back!;) haha