March 19th 6:45pm - Common Sense

My unemployed status manifested the only obvious outcome: travel. Having collected unemployment checks the past two months while actively attempting not to acquire a job, I visited Los Angeles, New Orleans, Austin and San Antonio. As I harvested Mardi Gras beads and alcohol in New Orleans, I resolved to travel internationally immediately. I intended to accompany my cousin on an Australian deviation, but when assessing the price, $1,100 plane ticket plus costly Aussieland life seemed purely unreasonable compared to $424 flight to South America plus inexpensive accomodations and alcohol. Thus, South America ensued. Within two days I had purchased a flight and recruited a friend to accompany me during his spring break. It has now been three weeks and I depart tomorrow morning. My friend´s schedule permits him to escort me for nine days. I am going for forty.
In reaction to my dad´s Hitler-esque traveling preference of scheduling every aspect of the trip without deviating for days of rest, I have no reservations and no plans. My dad would wake us as the sun splintered the sky and run us ragged city to city. Two families once hiked through Athens for two hours in sleep-comas and suffocating heat because he wanted to find a market. No beach days in Venice, Italy. Breakfast and sleeping were luxuries. During vacations Dad was money-hoarding Hitler with at least four people in tow. But by God we experienced the most of every city and country! Conversely, the extent to which my knowledge and preparation extends: Machu Picchu is near Cuzco. We will go there!

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