March 25th 2:19pm - Language Leaps

After five days in a Spanish-speaking country, I am rapturous to report my Spanish vocabulary has expanded extensively. Instead of my sole Español knowledge being, ¨Diez cervezas por favor,¨ I now know:
¨¿Quanto cuesta?¨ How much is it?
¨Lo siento.¨ I´m sorry.
¨No hablo Español.¨ I don´t speak Spanish.
¨Estoy embarazada.¨ I´m pregnant.
and ¨Perdi mi marido.¨ I lost my husband.
(I´m not pregnant. Or married. But they are advantageous sentences to know.)
I have also perfected the word hola. As I mimic Peruvians in ¨hola,¨ my expert enunciation of it warrants a rapid Spanish response.
At which point I respond with, ¨Lo siento, no hablo Español. Estoy embarazada y perdi mi marido.¨

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