March 23rd 11:53pm - Peru Quotebook

Peruvian Quotebook: First three days of my traveling companion´s Spring Break: Pisco, alcohol consumption, whorehouses, lifeless brain incapable of producing simple thought processes, including speech:
SP: (staggering in to the room at 6:30am, having disappeared at 3am in a beer-exploration): ¨I saw the biggest nipples ever! They were on a hot prostitute in an Asian mafia-run whorehouse where they were all on Heroin!¨

SP: ¨I don´t know what´s happening right now.¨

K: ¨We don´t have to go parasailing if you don´t want to since you feel like you´re going to puke and all.¨
SP: ¨The only difference between me being hung over and not is that I´m not drunk right now. We are going parasailing for sure.¨

SP: ¨I don´t remember anything from the first half of the trip. Nothing... Maybe a prostitue´s nipples.

¨K: ¨You spent 100% of the first half of the trip either drunk or dead.¨

SP: ¨The first half of the trip was the closest I´ve ever been to death. I puked out of a Peruvian cab on the drive to the airport!¨

K: ¨If our other friends were here, you´d be dead right now.¨
SP: ¨If our other friends were here right now, I´d be drunk. I´d be dead two days from now.¨

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