March 29th 6:46pm - Proud as Mary

My negotiation skills have always been those of Barbie. That woman extorts everything! My artistry may not have achieved much in department stores, but by god, in bargaining with my parents, I would always acquire more money. This is evidenced by my weekly allowance. In 10th grade my dad handed me $10. I immediately, without any prior thought, projected the confusion and frustration of any accomplished actor.
¨I´m supposed to get $15 a week, not $10.¨
¨Yep, $15. We discussed it last week.¨
I then bombarded him with details: what he was wearing, where he was sitting, what tv show he was watching, our detailed conversation. He apologized for forgetting and handed me $5 more. My sister´s skillset was not so adept. She once bargained to receive ten $1 bills instead of one $20 bill. Thus, I´ve always felt my proficiency to be superior to that of the mere mortal.
Until today. I missed the bus to Cusco. I blame my traveling companion Drunken Patriot. Since he left, I have been without an alarm clock, aka phone. I located another bus that would transport me to Cusco after two stops, for twenty soles. This equates less than $7. I regarded this as too expensive and opted to find another bus. I later learned there was no other bus. This forced me to take a taxi.
Hours after the taxi realization, I bargained with a taxi to drive me. His price: 60 soles. I negotiated down to 45. I was as proud of myself as Mary, mother of God. I entered with a smile on my face. Until I realized that had I taken the original bus, I would have paid less than half price.

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