March 17th 11:52pm - Everything's Bigger in Texas... Including Drinking Propensities

You Know You're Drunk When... in Texas...

* You spend $80 on $3 drinks and two people.

* You consider paying money to view an independent film is a good idea. Lesson Learned: This is never under any circumstances a good idea. Thus why the genre "independent film" adorns the movie. "Independent film" = bad movie. It's a warning.

* You incessantly walk ahead of the person you're with back to the motel. It's imperative to procure a spare room key from the front desk because you don't have one.

* You slap your friend across the face and can't rationalize the reasoning the following day.

* You (as a girl) continue to deluge a guy with stories concerning kicking males in their balls. In one of the tales, a male asks for your phone number, and you retort by karate-kicking him in his balls.

* You pay $20 for a guy to receive a body shot off two girls... and watch him get bitch-slapped.

* You believe your phone may have fallen out of your purse. You exit the bar without confirming you have it. You left it at the bar.

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Anonymous said...

How many times do I have to tell you it's NOT ok to kick guys in the balls??!