March 5th 11:29pm - The Word Fuck...

I'm entirely intrigued by the concept of the word fuck. 
Last night a friend and I played pool, he utterly missed a shot (the miss was comparably embarrassing to a six-year-old girl pummeling a thirteen-year-old male), and, upon missing, he screeched, much like said six-year-old female, "Fuck my life!" 
This brain-raped me. 
The word Fuck is so fucking functional!
Fuck's, in my estimation, traditional usage lies with the sexual signification. i.e. "I fucked her last night... I think," or, "She fucks like a seventy-year-old, she's so fucking experienced."
However, the word has so many other slews of uses. Fuck can be applied for almost every emotion (see below):
"Fuck him. Fucker stole my crayon." - Anger
"Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, that four-year-old's wielding a plastic spoon with a smile." - Anxiety
"I fucking love you! I really do. I fucking love you." - Appreciation
"I wouldn't fucking touch her if i was a blind man with a ninety-foot stick." - Aversion
"What the fuck just happened to my car and why does it appear to have been run over by a Chihuahua driving a semi-truck?" - Confusion
"Would you fucking look at that girl in the pig costume?" - Desire
"Fuck, that feels fucking good!" - Joy
"Fuuuuuck, my brain hurts from watching American Idol for ninety-two hours." - Pain
"I can't believe my fucking friend is in the hospital because he stubbed his fucking toe." - Sadness
"That MotherFucking Fucker just did what to my sister? And where the fuck is my pet snake Moo?" - Surprise
Fuck is so versatile! The word that means making love doubles as a the most profane word in our language. Alter "sex" in every above sentence. Result: ridiculousness.

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