August 6th 2:04pm - Female Child Models = Whores (Allegedly)

I was enlightening a male friend recently as to my future plan. I want four children. Girls simply require too much work and money. Additionally, masses of them are so emotional, which is never fun to manage. Thus, I want three boys and one girl. Preferably the (please God) sole daughter will be the youngest. Anyway, children are fantastically expensive. Children= money-drains. I would know, seeing as my parents are still financially supporting me.

The Plan: put the kids in child modeling while they're still undeveloped and too young to remember. I'm talking infantile, baby-status. Put them in child modeling (aka being dressed and situated on a swathe of carpet while photos are being taken). Then, hoard the money in a bank account or fund for them until they're of college age and I need $40,000 a year merely for tuition. Give them any excess money when they graduate. Fool-proof plan, as far as I'm concerned.

My friend's response: "Our daughters are going to be whores."

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