August 13th 7:35pm - Gym

Today a woman wearing work-out clothes walked past me. She was admittedly a very plump, rotund woman, but presumably adorned in work-out apparel: Adidas spandex pants, tennis shoes, and an athletic-looking shirt with... you guessed it, her hair pulled back. I've been intending to join a gym so decided it was prudent to inquire as to the whereabouts of said (assumed) gym. I asked her politely and she stared at me, her face registering unreserved shock. And then she started to yell. I was initially confused and looked behind me, but no, her wrath was directed at me. She screamed, red mouth wide and eyes bulging. She inquired whether I asked all overweight people that question, asked me if I had no commonsense or morals, and told me one day when I am fat I will think before opening my mouth. Yes, I will probably be fat one day, but, truly, I just wanted to know if there was a gym nearby!

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! I would have paid to have seen this, but reading about for free is worth it too.