August 3rd 1:03am - Inappropriate Jokes

Jokes compliments of my friend Flash (inappropriate, derogatory woman jokes, by the way):

* Why'd the woman cross the road?
- That's not the point. Why was the bitch out of the kitchen anyway?
*Why couldn't Helen Keller drive?
- Because she's a woman
* Why do women have small feet?
- So they can stand closer to the sink
* Why do women always know what time it is?
- There's a clock on the oven
* How do you blind a woman?
- Put a windshield in front of her
* What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?
- Nothing. She's already been told twice
* How do you know when a woman's about to say something intelligent?
- She starts her story with, "A man once said."
*Why do women always wear white?
- So they blend in with the other appliances
* What do you call a blank piece of paper?
- A woman's Bill of Rights

And ONE man joke:
* What do you do when you see your husband stumbling in the backyard?
- Reload

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