August 23rd 8:31am - Vas Legas Part III

You Know You're Drunk When... Continued (Last Installment):

* You puke on your knee, then you puke on your sweatshirt, and you never make it out of your hotel room on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas

* You walk into a hotel room and think your friends are having sex when in fact they're just sleeping

* You try to hook up with a pear-shaped girl with a stubbly mustache who is leaving for the army he following morning (try being the imperative word)

* While asking a cop for directions, you tell him he should let the person he's arresting go. Immediately afterwards you know, and say, you crossed the line

* You make out with two of your friends in exchange for chicken nuggets when they've already told you you could have them for free

* You're somewhere on the strip. You talk to your friend on the phone and all you can tell him is that you're in the Grand Canyon.

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