August 23rd 8:45am - Vas Legas Quotebook Part I

Not only did we keep a You Know You're Drunk When section, we also kept a Quotebook on this fabulous extravaganza that comprised our New Years trip to Vegas...

J: "You cannot manipulate the ocean Steve"

S: "If I bring home a midget, I automatically win."
K: "I haven't seen a midget yet in Vegas."
H: "You think they'd be everywhere here."
S: "They're all at midget conventions."
KY: "They're like collectibles. You have to collect them all."
KY (five minutes later): "Midgets are like Pokemon. You've gotta catch them all."

S: "I call drunk people Diggy."

KY: "People need phone numbers more than Jesus."

S: "I got in the back of the neighbor's car, ate their food, smoked their weed, and used one of their sweatshirts as a blanket."

J: "I lost $25 on the penny slots. How is that possible?"

J: "I walked in on N and E humping. He was giving it to her N style" (in reality they were asleep when he walked in).

J: "I didn't like kissing her because her stubbly mustache got in the way."

B: "The dealer told me I look like Macy Gray."
E: "Isn't she really ugly?"

KT: "Marisa won a triathalon."
H: "In the Congo?"

KY: "They went to town on my crotch."

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