August 14th 7:36pm - Mardi Gras

One of my best friends is currently a teacher for Teach For America in New Orleans... and this is the gracious invite I (along with - literally - 353 other people) received recently :

Ummm shitshow...We want to see how many people we can cram into our house, and you are one of the select few we are inviting...out of a small pool of 1,000... If you aren't here you are dead to us. We have experienced the chaos that is New Orleans for about 2 weeks now and have drank enough to get us drunk for at least 4 separate months...and we think u should too!

We wanted to give a heads up now so you can book your tickets, but reminders/threats will occur periodically. Fat Tuesday is Feb. 24..this is the main day of Mardi Gras madness, and the weekend before is prime time as well. We suggest coming anytime starting Thursday Feb. 19...stay as long as you want, but you def. wanna be here for Fat Tuesday, and since most of you are losers that don't have jobs, that shouldn't be an issue. We will be busy teaching illiterate children in the ghetto and making a difference in the world (no big deal), but you can watch TV and sit on your ass while we are at work. Or, since there will be a lot of people here visiting that have never met, some ice breakers followed by an orgy is another option.

To give you an idea of how amazing this will be, our house is about a block from the parade route and the street car that takes us into the French Quarter for $1.25. Also, we have a lot of friends that are single and like to show their tits (male and female), so there's something for everyone.

Contact us at if you have any questions, and more info will follow. If you don't come you are a fucking idiot.

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Mark said...

hey Kara. So I recently got back from Ghana and checked out your site. The vegas quotes were hysterical. You gotta go to Mardi GRAS this year me and bobby are gonna take the train for real cheap. Try and get time off now and join us. I've been there the last two years and it is mad sick. Hope to see you soon probably some time next weekend though if your free Wednesday for dinner and drinks I'll be in the city.