August 18th 7:15pm - Wind = Mischievous Devil

I recently obtained a new apartment. Last Saturday my dad and brother packed a UHaul with all of my desired furniture from my parent’s house and drove to San Francisco . When they arrived at 4:30pm my brother called me to tell me they were outside. My roommate and I left the front door wide open with music blasting and ran downstairs. I hugged my family, and as I was introducing them to my new roommate, we heard a slam. The wind had blown the gate shut. My roommate and I quickly came to the devastating realization that both of our sets of keys were upstairs in the apartment with the door gaping. As misfortune would have it, the girls that live in the apartment above us (the only other ones with keys/gate access) were not home. We frantically called our third roommate and the landlord as my dad and brother unburdened the UHaul of its cargo. They unloaded the furniture on the sidewalk and in the garage. The landlord never answered, and the other roommate was an hour away. She was heading to SF, and would get there in two hours or so, but, of course, the UHaul facility closed at 7pm and the males in my family had to return the truck by then. We came to the momentous decision to drive the UHaul thirty blocks to stop by the landlord’s house on the off-chance they were home but not answering the phones. Dad drove me in the enormous, rumbling vehicle through the quiet neighborhood streets of San Francisco to the landlord’s residence. After much knocking, beating, and hammering the door as well as molesting the doorbell, I ascertained that they were, in fact, not home. Rumble rumble back to the apartment, and my dad and brother had to depart to drive the hour home to restore the UHaul to its rightful quarters. They then had to return to SF to move the ridiculously-heavy-that-I-could-never-lift furniture upstairs and into the apartment. By the time of their joyous (re)arrival, our third roommate had delivered the keys as a means to get in. My heroes lugged the furniture to its final resting place, had a beer, and then left to make the drive, once again, home. My roommates and I concluded we were going to make a copy of the keys immediately and give them to someone.
IF I had kept my keys in my pocket, we wouldn’t have been locked out.
IF my roommate had kept her keys in her pocket, we wouldn’t have been locked out.
IF we had a hide-a-key somewhere, we wouldn't have been locked out.
IF my third roommate had been closer, or there, we wouldn't have been locked out.
IF the wind hadn’t thumped the gate shut, we wouldn’t have been locked out.
Conclusion: I blame the wind!

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