August 17th 11:52pm - Vas Legas, Part II

You Know You're Drunk When... Continued

*You worship the Del Taco cashier in his 40's at six o'clock in the morning.

*You're still awake while workers hose down the sidewalks of the Las Vegas strip.

* You're asked the time, and you say two or three in the morning. It's 7am.

*You drop $25 on the penny slots in five minutes.

* You tackle one of your friends in a casino in front of security and have a mark the next day to prove it.

* You're playing penny slots and you don't realize the numbers represent pennies and not dollars. You celebrate, thinking you're winning $600 and it ends up being $6. You're happy anyway.

* You think that betting on black every single time is a good idea.

* You walk outside a casino, see it's light outside and are amazed. You return to the inside of the casino only to walk outside of it 15 minutes later, and are equally amazed it's light outside.

* You walk out of your way to try to catch a train at 5 o'clock in the morning. The train isn't running anymore.

*You then walk two miles down the strip only to find out the buses are still running.

* You stand in the middle of the sidewalk on the strip with your pants around your ankles and your hands in the air.

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