December 8th 5:42pm - London Corruption – Night 9 Description

Evidently the male dorms were not as heavily supervised as the female. Whereas the girls had to break open a window, craft a ladder, and imperil their lives, the intoxicated boys loped through a ground-level door to escape. Night nine after much booze and towering spirits, several of our male counterparts fled the dorms with the always-inventive-streaking-intention. The campus housing us renegades was an exquisite aged masterpiece complete with cascading fountains, stunning polo fields, and striking wrought-iron fences. The males disbanded into two separate groups in attempts to avoid detection. The bulk of these two clusters wore nothing but cleats. Some, however, were entirely exposed, feet included. A mammoth iron fence barricaded the boys from the pristine polo fields. They resolved to ascend it to cavort across perfection, a.k.a. grass. In efforts to scale the fence, one nude boy stepped down upon an iron decorative spike, thus impaling his foot. He hopped, naked, to the infirmary at 2:45am. The nurse had to be roused. While fastening a bandage around his foot, she was absolutely astounded to acquire another nude damaged American soccer player. This one had successfully attained entrance to grass glory, but had gouged his right foot’s toes into a spiked sprinkler head.

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