December 4th 11:58pm – London Corruption - Night 8 Depiction

While I was cavorting with other girls in another dorm room (per curfew commands), the three I shared a room with intellectually resolved to escape the dormitory confines to mingle with the aforementioned beer-bent English chaps. Bolts dissuading like-minded dorm occupants exhibited little resistance to three resolute fifteen-year-olds. This trip transpired in the weed-transporting, knife-wielding days before 9/11. One of the girls had traveled complete with Swiss Army Knife. Swiss Army Knife became screwdriver in the remove-window-bolts-quest. After little knife laboring, the bolted windows were no longer fastened, and the girls could communicate with their English male counterparts. The only obstacle: three stories’ height. The joint decision: knot all bed sheets together and descend to the ground. Inevitable inspiration: movies. The girls undressed the beds, secured the sheets, tied one end to a bedpost, lobbed the sheets out the window, and dismounted, embracing fabric with hands and wall with feet. From their opinions the following day, dismounting three stories using sheets is treacherous and strenuous and not recommended.
They were individually referred to as “Spiderwoman” the remainder of the trip.

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