December 10th, 2008 11:12pm – Deforestation Internet Porn

My 6th grade teacher assigned the class varying group environmental project topics. She allotted my group deforestation. This having transpired over a decade ago, the Internet was still moderately novel, my researching skills obtuse, and computers sparse in individual households. Our house boasted one computer, located in my parents’ room. As concerns my embryonic computer skill level, even composing an e-mail proved an unsolicited challenge. Thus, researching attempts included typing into the Internet address bar. Myself in the foremost seat, four friends sat around me inscribing notes when woman-on-woman sexual exploits embraced the screen. I shrieked and clicked the exit button. Pop-up after pop-up surfaced. To my hitting the red x once, four – five vulgar images materialized. Man-woman, woman-woman, man-women, men-woman... my 6th grade mind staggered. My mom elected this incomparable moment in my childhood to ascend the stairs. I heard her approaching. Steps away from her room, despite my attempts to exit the porn, the screen froze. I couldn’t force it to deviate from the vulgar pictures. Oh, and the unwanted videos. Somehow the screen would not alter, but the videos still managed to play. My mom entered. Panicked eyes, I heaved myself in front of the screen. My mom forced me to move. She found four petrified 6th graders and a screen occupied with oral, masturbation, anal, and activities I can’t name to this day. We tore downstairs accompanied by battling hearts and thunderous screeches. Time and explanation later, a disbelieving mom was finally a believer. I blame

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