December 15th 3:26pm – Elf Party: 3rd Annual Continued

The car Boozy Reindeer was forced into contained two exceedingly sober male friends. Sober Reindeer lobbed Boozy into the backseat to front seat objections and inquiries if she was going to join them in the Boozy-Reindeer-Home-Expedition. She begrudgingly entered the car and situated herself next to Boozy.
Boozy opened the car window and repeatedly shrieked, “Merry Christmas!” sprinkled with laughter. Sober Boys did not find this continued act amusing. Driver shut and child-locked window. Displeased Boozy Reindeer began spitting into car’s backseat and floor. Spurting sounds stopped Sober Driver’s hearing. He asked if Boozy Reindeer was spitting in his car. Sober Reindeer’s reply, “Uuhhhh?”. Boozy spat on car floor. It alighted in Driver’s baseball hat. Sober Reindeer inescapably emitted a gasp and snatched baseball hat from ground.
“Did she just spit in my hat?” Driver demanded.
“Uuhhhh?” Sober Reindeer replied as she endeavored to polish the spit into the hat with part of Boozy’s costume.

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