September 5th 5:55pm - Passion?

A few years ago I was in Tahoe at a friend’s parents’ vacation home. The owner… we’ll call her Kate… had been the love interest of another friend of ours… we’ll call him Brett… for a little while, and he was with us, along with twelve other kids our age. We got a bit too inebriated one night. Kate fell asleep in bed and awakened a few hours later. She rolled over to face the edge of the bed, reached down, grabbed a deeply-slumbering male off of the floor, and forcefully hauled him into bed with her. She ignored his very-sluggish bewilderment and began heavily kissing him. He reciprocated in the amorous actions. She twirled her fingers in his hair and moaned, “Oooh, Brett.” When his hand stroked her arm she sighed, “Brett, that feels so good.” He drew her closer to him. Response: “Oooh, Brett,” accompanied by a low giggle. At this point Brett leapt from the bed, yelled, “Fuck this!” and exited the room, pillow in tow. Brett had been sleeping on the other side of Kate and had been roused by her ardent activities. Kate immediately stopped kissing Mystery Man and sat up. “Brett?!” she yelled into the night. And then she attacked Mystery Man. “Who the hell are you?” she demanded, “And what the hell are you doing in my bed?”

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