February 9th 2:35pm - Streaking

My first two years playing college soccer, my team consisted of crazies, comics, and carousals. When contacting high school club coaches for potential players, our college coach specifically requested contact information for that team’s “personality players.”
End result: crazies, comics, and carousals. One night some of the team convened and booze-bonded. We concluded the night’s depravity by ascending the soccer field’s fence and streaking.
Recently released from knee surgery, an inebriated teammate’s capabilities did not constitute climbing over a fence. Drunkenly distressed, she called our team trainer around two in the morning to criticize the rehab process because her teammates had climbed the fence and were streaking across the field, while her mending knee did not allow her to participate in such debauchery.
We saw the trainer the following morning.
Her remark: "I'm happy to see you girls found your clothes."

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Anonymous said...

this was one of my favorite drunken antics!!! thank you for reminding me!