February 12th 6:48pm - Warrant for Arrest?

You Know Your Life Loathes You When...

Today I shuffled through mail compiling at my parent's house over the past few months. What do I stumble across, but a warrant for my arrest, notice date: January 20, 2009. I have no idea what the warrant pertains to. SFPD was so generous as to include a citation number, warrant number, and the date of the violation (August 19, 2008), but not the
cause of the violation.
The notice kindly informs me, "Failure to give this notice immediate attention will necessitate compliance with state law, making it mandatory that you be taken into custody."
The only infraction I remember occurring in August was when a cop pulled me over and cited me for a broken side mirror. I repaired it (well, paid professionals to repair it), and sent a letter. 
Is it possible I have a warrant for my arrest for a fix-it ticket?

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Anonymous said...

you should probably submit this to fmylife.com