February 14th 5:02pm - Married

You Know Your Life Loathes You When...

In Vegas you marry an unknown on a flip, she intensely pursues an actual relationship with you after you're married, and you acquire an annulment.

Last night I met a law school student who had voyaged to Vegas six months prior for a kickball tournament. After the kickball competitions, the contests between teams developed into drinking rivalries. A female (previously unknown to Law Student) on another kickball team challenged him to Flip Cup. For those of you who have been living under a rock and two hundred feet of mundane life, Flip Cup is the finest game known to alcoholics and college students. My Flip Cup skills are astounding. In college my friends and I dominated so frequently we felt entitled to re-name the game: Flippy Cup. Easier for chanting.
Anyway, if Kickball Female won, she and Law Student would get married. Though the kickball tournament comprised their first encounter, he absolutely agreed. His intoxicated condition during this occurrence doesn’t recall the stipulations if he won, but they are irrelevant, as Kickball Female won on the first flip.
They joined in matrimony at a chic wedding chapel in a casino, applauded by inebriated kickball masterminds. Their post-nuptial jubilation: gliding down a water slide into a pool. The Bride was implausibly clad in a bathing suit under her clothes. The Groom descended the drop in his attire.
The Bride (aka Barmy) later proposed they move in together, as they were legally married.
After money, lawyers, and effort, the muddled Flip Cup marriage of two strangers assumed annulment. 

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