February 19th 10:45pm - Amazing Race Application

I assisted two of my friends in composing a three-minute video of themselves as well as answering the thirteen-page written application for The Amazing Race.
A friend and I ambled to Costco to sample the ample selection. He called his Race companion (our other friend), who promptly arrived at Costco complete with two cowboy hats and a video camera. I filmed them before shrubbery. My expert camera's viewpoint propagated the impression they were in a backyard in front of trees. Their team name: the Cali Cowboys. Their reasons for desiring to be on The Amazing Race: spreading American pride, being exposed to new people and places, and the ability to sample beer around the world. They wore their cowboy hats and incorporated some deviating dance that included hip thrusting. 
Once finished talking after two and a half minutes, they strolled away. The camera trailed them to reveal they were in a Costco warehouse. One of them pointed and mentioned something about curtains before I killed the camera.
In discussing the written portion, we desired to answer the questions below in the following ways. We ultimately refrained and responded in appropriate approaches. But this is what we ruminated: 
* What is the biggest disappointment you have experienced from your teammate?
- He's an alcoholic and won't admit it like I will. I feel inferior.
* What type of activities do you like to do with your teammate?
- Wrestling.
* What most scares you about traveling?
- Midgets and gnomes.
- Ghosts and aliens.
- Sober people.
* What is your opinion of foreigners? 
- They're no Americans.
* Are you currently taking any medications? If yes, which ones, and why are you taking them?
- Marijuana because I'm diagnosed bipolar.
* Please list any allergies you have:
- Sober people. Babies.
* What is the accomplishment you are most proud of?
- My teammate and I went on a ten-day binge. We may have blacked out nine of the ten days. Maybe ten of ten. I don't remember... I just checked. Neither of us remember.
* Describe your perfect day:
- Morning sex. Breakfast. Sex with breakfast. Sex while fishing. Sex while driving. Sex while listening to country music. Lunch. Sex with lunch foods. Sex while working out. Sex. Dinner. Dessert with sex. Sex under the stars on a perfect night. The ability to maintain sex throughout the day and night. 
* Do you belong to any affiliations or organizations?
- National Gun Control. Shoot all aliens.
* What are your phobias?
- Sober people. Priests. 

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Anonymous said...

Duuudde!! Our Perfect days are nearly identical and we didn't even talk about this. I think that mine might have had more sex in it though...