February 6th 4:15pm - Potential Shirts

I have resolved I'm going to sell shirts through this site. Shirts adorned with writing.
The following are the ones I contemplated before settling on four:

* I reply with, "That's what she said," whenever possible.

* I drink. What's your hobby?

* My liver hates me. My life thinks I'm fantastic.

* I love being unemployed, I have so much more time to think.

* When I met them they were quasi-attractive.
Then I got drunk, they were models, and I was God.

* You can never get enough motorboats.

* Good news, bad news.
Good news: you look hot.
Bad news: I'm drunk.

* I love my Blackberry. I write memos every time I have thoughts.

* All women are crazy.

* My favorite part about dancing is making girls uncomfortable with my raging boner.

* It wasn't me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I WANT a "My liver hates me my life thinks I'm fantastic." In black. That is golden. PS I would get almost anything that hot model is wearing. -SP