February 24th 2:53pm - New Orleans Mardi Gras 2009 Quotebook

K: "You can see all the titties you want. During Mardi Gras they flow like wine."

F: "I'm really confused about my feelings inside."

K: "I want to cut off both my legs right now. Just for a little bit. So I can't feel them."

M: "Their mac and cheese sucks. I'll probably get it anyway."

B: "I knew I didn't belong in Arkansas when I saw a six-year-old in overalls standing on a truck aiming a gun at me."

F: "I want to get a tattoo. Either skull and crossbones on my neck, a kiss mark on my ass, or a face that's half my boyfriend's face and half Lil Wayne's." 

F (reaction to King Cake): "I'm going to start putting babies everywhere.
Oh, you found a baby? You have to do my laundry."

K: "She has earrings with baby Jesus on them.
Maggie, I'm going to get you tittie tassels with baby Jesus on them. 
MN: "But you're a girl. Your sweat smells like sugar and tears. I have man sweat. Man sweat smells like wood and steel."

S: "I fell in love with two girls walking down the street. She's gorgeous and my wife."

K: "His friend is less fun than AIDS. She brought nothing but her vagina and she only shared it with one stranger. What a prude."

Stranger in the park approached a group of us, announcing: "You can suck my dick. My sperm everywhere!"

SR: "I can't take you seriously. You have huge balls and a feather boa."

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