January 4th 11:28pm - Las Vegas Round 2 Quotebook #3

J: "I'd go up to 50. There are hot 50-year-olds."
SP: "I feel like for anything we could do, we could find a cougar to do it too."
J: "There are some raunchy cougars."

N: "I don't want to eat that much if I'm going to be drinking. I don't want to be bloated all night."
A: "I've never heard a guy talk about being bloated before."

SP: "I almost puked in my mouth just thinking about tonight."

S: "When we first met her she was this sweet girl, and then she got drunk and started throwing wieners out left and right."

S: "When I met them I thought they were quasi-attractive. Then I got drunk and they were models and I was God.
Then before you know it one of the models was getting wheel-chaired up to her room because she was too drunk to walk."

KY (girlfriend straddling one of his friends and asked if okay with it): "Ya. I did that to her last night. But naked."

W (After drunkenly paying $40 for a buffet he wasn't hungry for): "Someone needs to escort me. I don't know where to get food."

W (making an awful face for the seventh time at the buffet): I keep eating horseradish thinking it's mashed potatoes."

W: "I think I just drooled on myself."
K: "You did."
W: "You saw that?"
K: "No, I heard it."
W: "I thought drool was like lightening. You can't hear it."

W: "I wish I was like Scott and could puke and start all over."

SP: "Scotty P. likes to shoot things and rope things in cowboy hats. Who doesn't like that?"

SP: "I was a little caught off guard by the $7 7-ounce water at the strip club."

W: "You can never get enough motorboats."

KY: "I'm going to get a tattoo. 'Only God can judge me' across my chest."

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