January 29th 12:15pm - Text Conversation

Me: "A homeless man just told me he loved me and would put me up in a condo if I married him. Justified the marriage by saying the president is his race so Mom should be okay."
Brother: "Two nights ago a homeless black man introduced himself to us as Barack Obama and asked if he could borrow a boogie board. When we hesitated he went into a spiel about denying the president a boogie board because he was black. Then we explained to him none of us have a boogie board. He was alright with that."
Brother: "It was funny too because it was 11pm and he wouldn't be going to the beach right then and I was wondering how he was going to get to the beach anyway since he was homeless and I was assuming he didn't have a car. He seemed undeterred though."
Me: "Bum determination."
Brother: "Ya, it's legendary."

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Anonymous said...

I love your brother