January 27th 8:35am - LV Quotebook

SP: "Did you spill beer on me last night?"
K: "No, you spilled beer on me."

SP: "I know by experience I should pee in toilets."

SP: "No officer, I'm not trying to drive anywhere. I'm just trying to walk."

SP: "I've had massages at the Airport Club... it's kind of weird having a co-worker play around with your butt."

SP: "I just want to put my money in everything!"
(five minutes later): "I want to put more money in more things!"

SP: "What the fuck is in my ass?"

K: "I'm drunk. I may flirt with little kids. I'm obsessed with them."
SP: "Really?"
K: "Yes. I love them."
SP: "So you had sex with little kids?"
K: "What?? No!"

M (a man): "I don't check out guys. I comment when they're pretty."

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Anonymous said...

I am still unconvinced that you did not spill on me. From my recolection you hit my champagne glass and drenched my shirt.