May 5th 8:29pm - South American Learnings

What I've Learned:
* Small children in South America are more ubiquitous than stray dogs and cats in Greece.
* Pisco has the same effect as any other alcohol. If you drink too much, you will be hung over.
* Peruvian and American cab drivers have similar unappreciative responses to passengers throwing up out of their taxi windows.
* Mas economico buses are not suggested for overnight use.
* It is possible to eat French Fries (papas fritas) unintentionally with every meal. Peru allegedly has over 4,000 varieties of potatoes.
* Uncircumcised penises resemble aardvarks. 
* Aussie/English frequent insult: Dickhead. This is used affectionately as well as to offend. As a female, I was faintly bemused. For females, the term is meant more in endearment. 
* I am much more appreciative of simple life aspects... like warm water while showering. And toilet paper in bathrooms.
* Dreadlocks smell. Like Frankenstein's hair.
* If you arrive in an airport and everyone is masked, it's probable that you will encounter issues when trying to fly somewhere the following day.

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