May 13th 4:42pm - Inappropriate Jokes

Inappropriate jokes resemble men's thongs. They're as funny as Dave Chappelle and as appropriate as the show Gossip Girl is for eight-year-olds.

* Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. The answer is yes.

* The Obamas: another black family living in government housing.

* The blonde got pregnant and took a maternity test to make sure it was hers.

* Sarah Palin was offered $1 million to ose for Playboy. Michelle Obama was offered $1 million to pose for National Geographic.

* Why do Mexicans drive low-riders? To pick strawberries.

* I only know two speeds. 1: when cops are around. 2: as fast as I can go. 

* What did one tampon say to another?
Nothing, they're both stuck up bitches.

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