May 18th - More to Love

My cousin describes herself as an actress. 
While we were at dinner the night before my brother's college graduation she received a phone call from a reality TV show she applied to entitled More to Love.
The day my brother graduated she withdrew from the ceremony to go to a hotel where the show producers interviewed finalists. She arrived at 3pm. And was released at 11:30pm. During these eight and a half hours she was quarantined in a hotel room without food. Among other paperwork she had to fill out a six-hundred question personality test. Some of the questions: Do you like flowers? Do you garden? Do you like to garden? How important are flowers to you? These questions revealed as much about her personality as it would should a cartoon character complete the exam.
At 11pm her blood was taken and she hadn't consumed food in over eight hours. 
"Are you trying to starve me into being smaller?" she questioned.
We found out later the show is like The Bachelor. But the women are size twelve and over... literally More to Love. 

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