May 26th 8:21pm - You Know a Girl Likes You When...

The following are comprised from a few of my male friends... with one of my own included.
Evidenced by below: once a female likes someone, they're as persistent with the affection emotion as Michael Jackson is with surgical masks. 

You Know a Girl Likes You When...
* The first time you hang out, she tells you she's been talking to her ex-boyfriend. But now that you and she are spending time together, she thinks she'll stop talking to the ex.
Your response: "Let's take a shot!" 
The second time you rendezvous, she spends the night. Though you aren't belligerently intoxicated, you piss yourself. With her in the bed. The next morning, she leaves to go shower and change clothes, but then returns so she can go out to lunch with you. 

* You and she have hooked up for over a year without having sex. You have sex with her best friend. She finds out and is upset. The next time she sees you she's as inebriated as Will Ferrell/Frank the Tank in Old School. Despite you sleeping with her best friend, she wants to hook up with you again because she had forgotten how hot you were.

* You call her "Mom" when you're in bed together. She laughs about it.

* She observes you fondling another girl's breasts. She doesn't accept the excuse, "But I just wanted to feel fake boobs!" She does accept the excuse, "But she's a lesbian!" 

* She buys you a lap dance with a naked stripper. 

* She continues to sleep with you when three of the five times you've had sex, you've been blacked-out and had to inquire the next morning if you actually slept together. 

* You piss and puke in the bed. The following morning, she still has sex with you... on the same bed.

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