November 9th 10:02pm - Mommy: Presidential Candidate

My cousin has two young children, ages three and five. Today he narrated the following story:

With Election Day nearing, the children were exposed to the incumbent vote. The five-year-old’s kindergarten class orchestrated a mock ballot and vote. My cousin voted, children in tow. As the five-year old voted in class, and both parents had cast their political verdicts, the three-year-old remained the solitary entity in the family to not have participated in the election. My cousin constructed a polling booth in their house and the son, eyes shimmering, inscribed his presidential preference. When asked, he rejoined he voted for “Mommy.” The subsequent morning, upon proclamation of Obama’s triumph, the three-year-old immediately dissolved into tears. At his parents’ inquiry, he affirmed he was crying because Mommy didn’t win.

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