November 29th 8:15pm - You Know You're Drunk When...

You Know You're Drunk When (Incidents Over Thanksgiving Break)...

* You awake the next morning with a very large, very colorful, very unexplainable bruise on your right buttcheek.
* You stand on the sidewalk in front of a downtown bar with your pants at your ankles and flip off a cop driving by. You have no reason.
* The following day you have a bruised ear from falling over while pantless flipping off cop. You plummeted into a brick wall. Your ear caught you.
* You continually steal beer from your female friend. She informs you that she will slap you every time you attempt to abduct her beer. You plunder her alcohol twenty-five times. She strikes you twenty-seven times. You have a headache the following day.
* Upon returning from the bars you force your friends to ballroom dance with you in the kitchen.

From a Previous Thanksgiving:
* Your friend arrives with a beer bong named Dick. You tell your mom to suck Dick.

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