November 6th 9:24pm - Texts (Mainly from Teach for America)

I do believe TFA, as the program is not-so-affectionately referred to, constitutes the majority of the hilarity (slash discouragement) currently in my inbox:

* "One of the kids somehow ran into the chain link fence at a dead sprint. It was the best moment of my teaching career."
* "So far today Yancy chocked Charles, Charles peed on Yancy, and Roc'queeal ate two blocks. Oh ya and Devin stripped down ass naked."
* "Every day I hate the existence of children more and more."
* "One of my students threw tacks at me today."
A Depressing One:
* "Do you think it means I'm desensitized if I'm not that fazed by a 13-year-old boy saying he wanted to shoot me until he ran out of bullets and have everyone watch all my blood pour out of my fat ass?"
"Oh ya, and a second grader brought a crack pipe to school today."

From a different friend:
* "Oh my god I got a ticket for blocking a driveway and the tow truck had just pulled up! Oh, and his dad came home and knocked on the door when we were naked."

And conversation:
* Me: "I'm driving on the 80 and just passed a billboard that said, 'Never shake your baby' with pictures of babies on it. Ummm..."
* TFA Friend: "They have those here! I saw one that said, 'Never EVER shake your baby.'"

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