November 16th 10:10pm - The Male Species - Appearance

The Appearance
Clothes do not concern men. The solitary instance they might notice a new outfit of yours is to contemplate with a cringe whether they paid for it or not. A woman might require an hour to prepare, a man: fifteen minutes. All shirts resembling the same color appear identical to men. The color, cut, style a woman might notice, a man won’t. A woman could wear a black tank one day and a long sleeved black blouse the next and a man would consider her adorned in the same shirt. That is, if the man noticed at all.
You could cut eight inches off your hair and your significant other would behold you, speculating why in the name of God you look different. It’s not that they don’t care about you, it’s that they just don’t really notice.
They have other more imperative material on their minds, like sports and work, and what they’re going to do to you later no matter what you look like. They notice when you’re not wearing make-up, or when you look slightly less attractive, but they don’t know why. And they will not squander time speculating.
With a woman’s hair and make-up flawless complete with new dress and matching shoes, a man would recognize you look good. He won’t care where you got the clothes or what brands they are, he’ll just care that you are his and you look hot.

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