July 31st 10:36am - Traditional Thai Massage

I was in Thailand and Laos for a month this summer.

Traditional Thai Massage - head, back, and shoulder - in Thailand.
  • Feet poked and prodded with a stick
  • Head and upper back punched
  • Masseuse's feet used as a leverage against my back to pull my arms as far behind me as possible
  • Arms twisted behind my back
  • Me: sat cross-legged. Masseuse: laid on my back with her full weight and I stretched forward until I couldn't lean forward anymore. And until I couldn't breathe anymore.
  • Forehead, temples, and collarbone jabbed. Hard.
  • Head slapped
  • Masseuse crawled all over me
  • Ears pulled
  • My legs and arms in air at same time sticking out in various directions
  • Toes yanked on
  • My body was stood on, walked on, and sat on
  • The masseuse's feet were used to massage my thighs, while her elbows dug into my shoulders, and her knees dug into my sides
End result: soreness, pain, and, the next day, bruises
Somehow it still felt good...

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