July 17th 7:34pm - Don't Care

After the soapy episode I was in high-gear do-what-you-have-to-do-as-fast-as-humanly-possible mode. One major outcome arose: I had planned on taking the insanity infested (yet still so effective) MUNI, but was now forced to drive to the interview to ensure that I made it semi-close to on-time. I drove like a crazed madwoman, the entire drive praising the SFPD for having to worry about shootings and assaults instead of pyscho, nutty-eyed women trying to get to interviews on time. One trip around the block and even with my bad eyesight I was able to determine there were no parking structures in the immediate vicinity. So, I did what every San Franciscan does when there's only metered parking: I cursed the city and rifled through my wallet, purse, and every space in the car that might yield a nickel, dime, or quarter. Able to muster a hand-full of change, I yanked the car door open to an immediate angry outburst of a honk as a car swerved around my open door and sped off. Muttering unforgivable words under my breath, I myself got out, unsteady on the steep hill in my god-forsaken heels, hobbled to the meter, and threw my money in the slot. The meter read, "1 hour limit." "Well, that's just fabulous," I thought. Narrowly avoiding the oncoming traffic hurtling towards me, I managed to open the door again and sit in the car. I ransacked through the center consul and to my delight found a business card. On the back of it I wrote, "Mr. Meterman/Ms. Metermaid, I am terribly sorry but due to unforeseeable circumstances I am unfortunately parked here. I have put in an hour's worth of change and now have to go into an interview. I don't know how long the interview will last," and then I ran out of room. I procured another business card and continued, "but I just want you to know I tried and I am sorry. Please have some understanding in this dire situation and time of need." I put them on the dash in plain sight should a metermaid come along, grabbed my life, and managed to get to the interview without killing myself with three minutes to spare. Two and a half hours later, after a LOT of talking and interviewing with six people, I finally emerged. On my car I found a $50 parking ticket with the words, "Don't care."

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lol that is a funny story