July 26th 7:31pm - Funnyman

One of my friends has an uproarious endlessly amusing man for a father.

While driving to San Francisco a couple of years ago he told me a story.
When his children were young and trusted him without question, he would mess with them. He accomplished this in everyday life by telling them lies, but achieved this fine goal by other means as well. Driving south to San Francisco, there is a tunnel. He would tell his children to hold their breaths while going through the tunnel. They would close their mouths and their cheeks would puff out. He would slow down to 5mph and watch them in the mirror. Cars would honk and swerve around his car. Other drivers would swear at him. He found it incessantly amusing to watch as his children's faces turned blue.

I am from wine country and when driving anywhere, we generally pass by vineyards. One time I was in the car as he was driving. He turned around and smiled at us.
     "Watch this!" he beamed, his face lighting up.
He rolled down the window and yelled as loud as he could into the vineyard.
     "Jose!!" he screamed.
We watched as twenty heads popped up. They were the heads of the grape pickers.


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