July 20th 4:25pm - Payback

Just as my wonderful, adoring father had had an ingeniously devilish idea, I too came to a conclusion as concerns the whole car revenge thing. Granted, it was years later, but to be fair I had never really given the inevitable retribution much thought. Until one night.

God graced me with a brilliant stroke of intelligence and I had an idea. My dad's own car was (still is) a 740iL BMW, silver and black. It's a large, beautiful car with A LOT of power. I'd like to think we, his children, are his pride and joy, but the Beamer ranks up there. So, I searched under an online picture database for his car. I pasted the pictures into a Craigslist ad and wrote the following:

Posting Title: 740iL silver BMW-great condition-basically stealing
Posting Description: I have to move to Europe in two days and can't take my baby, my car. It's in perfect condition, and to ensure that it sells in such a short amount of time I'm asking $10,000 OBO. I would never normally sell, but it doesn't make sense to ship it over. It's an automatic, has a sunroof, CD player, heated seats, automatic rotating side mirrors when you reverse... basically anything you could ever want. Please contact me as soon as possible. 
Contact information:

I posted all of his personal contact information. I wasn't so crass as to provide his name, but I did post his house telephone number, e-mail address, and work and cell phone numbers. I wasn't living at home at the time, but came to find out later that as I had posted it around 10:50pm, the house phone started ringing by 11pm. A couple calls were received that night, and a couple the next morning before my dad went to work. His work phone, cell phone, and e-mail all had been contacted. I didn't tell him until later I had done it and the reasoning behind it was a destroyed dream of a 16-year-old (completely exaggerating. As mentioned before, I found it highly amusing). 

*For the record, my parents did actually buy me a car. I was nineteen. They got me a white Jetta.

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