July 22nd 11:49am - Circus Circus

Over a year ago one of my friends convinced me that it was a great idea to go to Reno for the weekend for his dad's birthday party. We would stay in Circus Circus and have an amazing time. This was right before finals. I thought it was a brilliant plan. I would simply write my final eighteen-page paper at the hotel and/or in the car during the drive. The final count of people on this excursion: four: three boys and myself.

The first night we arrived relatively late and decided as we had to get up early the next morning we would stay in. The adventure began when we checked in. We got the key, found the appropriate room, and opened it. We entered to a hawaiian shirt hanging in our direct vision. Confused, we entered further. The lights were off, the television was on, and there was an overweight man lying in bed. The dim reflections of the television played across his face and bare chest. "Is something wrong?" he asked, voice quivering. One of the guys replied, "Ummm, nope, just checking... ummm, wrong room. Sorry," and we walked out, chuckling and perplexed. Apparently the man shared my friend's semi-common name and the hotel's reception desk workers hadn't understood that we were checking in for the first time.

When we finally got our own room we immediately opened a bottle of Jager and some beer. After some drinking it was geniusly decided that we would play Roxanne. For those of you who don't know the song Roxanne (by The Police - released in 1978), you must have lived under a rock. The drinking game that correlates with the song requires massive amounts of drinking, the possibility of regurgitation, and the definite loss of brain cells. The words "Roxanne" and "red light" prompt drinking. "Roxanne" = a sip of beer, "red light" = a sip of a mixed drink/sip of straight hard alcohol. Needless to say, after the song it was no longer necessary to drink, but drink we did.

I got pushed and fell on the bathroom floor, one of the guys stripped to his boxers and jumped around the room in red knit hat, white shirt, and boxers, and another decided it would be fun to have a pillow fight. My laptop had made its first appearance with Roxanne and had been kept out to continue playing music. After the pillow fight had made it's debut fifteen minutes in existence, Boxer Man determined that picking up the laptop to dissuade anyone else from hitting him was, in fact, a good idea. He picked it up, held it out in front of him, and said, "You can't hit me, I have the laptop." To which the pillow fight initiator swung at Boxer Man. Boxer Man altered the position of the laptop. It is in contention to this day whether the laptop was being used as a shield or whether it was an attempt at moving it out of harm's way. Regardless, the laptop was dislodged out of Boxer Man's hands and crashed to the floor. The broken screen making it impossible to see anything on the computer caused an abrupt halt to the drunken debauchery. Everyone went to sleep. It is still under debate whether it's 50/50 Boxer Man and Pillow Fighter's faults, or whether the blame lies more heavily on one over the other.


Anonymous said...

I say pillow fighters fault... if pillows had never flown at boxer man, boxer man would have never of dropped the laptop. Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Screw that! It's boxer man's fault for picking up the laptop as a shield, who does that?

Answer: Idiots or boxer man.

Anonymous said...

if pillow fighter had never started the fight then it never would have happened. but if boxer man hadn't picked up the laptop it never would have happened. but if kara had never brought the laptop to begin with it never would have happened.