October 6th 8:15pm - Amusement on Phone

The 4 best text messages I presently have in my phone:
* Mormons have weddings on Sundays because they really don’t care about hangovers on Mondays.
* I found a tiny stray kitty in the ghetto right next to my school and brought it home. I named it David Hasselhoff. I now think it’s a girl.
* So I decided I’m really not cut out for the working world. I’m moving to South Africa and giving shark cage tours.
* (From an English friend): I’m feeling as rough as a badger’s bits. Dreadful. We’re still off to Berkeley after brekkie. How about a beer later? Bring a friend like a tricky little winger.
* My boss' wife's name is Sweetlana and his daughter's name is Aristotle

And a few picture messages:

The Clinton picture was from a few months ago. But still funny.

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