October 29th 4:05pm – Freshman Dorms

As USF freshmen partook in Orientation Week (events, games, dances, and more), soccer pre-season absorbed my life… i.e. quadruple days. One week before school commenced my classmates initiated late-night hallway ruckus. I (mostly) initiated putting myself to sleep at 10pm to prepare for physically and mentally strenuous sessions the following day. I unintentionally neglected comedy, dance, and Monte Carlo nights, plus (happily) hall meetings. After one late-night dinner I sleep-stumbled into my dorm room and slowly, eyes half-closed, pulled down my shorts and up my shirt. I removed my underwear and sports bra and stooped, fumbling for a drink in the refrigerator. The towel pursuit had just launched when I heard laughter. I heard snickering. Nude me violently straightened, now completely conscious, and slapped my arms around my body. My head wrapped round endeavoring to isolate the source of mirth. My dorm room was situated such that the floor’s common room was adjacent and extended further out than my room. Consequently, the common area’s windows diagonally gazed at my dorm windows. My floor having been deserted the past week, I hadn’t thought to tow the blinds down. Both rooms’ window coverings were up. Thirty sets of eyes gawked at my pitiful attempt to cover myself. I shrieked and threw myself across the room, landing in a heap on the carpet. I later ascertained a floor meeting had been progressing when someone had glanced out the window, seen me, and pointed. Ignorant nakedness persists in being infinitely more amusing than floor rules. Unanimous verdict: stripper-who-threw-herself-across-room=insane. I didn’t have many friends on my floor freshman year.

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