January 19th 2011 7:05pm - Vegas 2011 - You Know You're Drunk When...

Vegas 2011 - You Know You're Drunk When...

* You sneak beer into the club in your pockets, open one, it explodes all over the club's carpet, and you act like it's normal.

* You start a Conga line down Las Vegas Boulevard.

* You get denied entrance to a casino multiple times by the same security guard.

* You pee in a casino's employee locker room next to four sheriffs.

* You funnel champagne into a cardboard horn blower.

* You straddle a guy in public, in a club, move your underwear to one side, and get told by a random girl that you're being inappropriate in public. You then say it's late and go home.

* You enthusiastically high-five a stranger when your friend's girlfriend falls and lies on the ground.

* You request Facebook friendship to the girl who just fell down solely to make fun of her.

* You hit on and literally chase every girl you see down the walkway. You run back to your friends every time.

* You spend an hour looking for food, finally get to a bar that serves food, and order baked beans.

* You don't notice that your vagina and ass are hanging out of your dress while posing for a picture in thirty degree Fahrenheit weather.

* You are more concerned with the previous name on the restaurant's waiting list (Gigi) than you are with getting yourselves seated.

* You puke and rally twice in a day.

* The hardest question you've heard all night is, "Links or paddies?" After twenty minutes of careful consideration, you order a two-egg platter, which you immediately throw up.

* You pull your right groin from riding a mechanical bull.

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