April 8th 3:46pm - Porn E-mails

E-mail to Brother:
Brother. Update! I awoke at 7am in an attempt to board a bus for Nazca only to determine that because my multi-lingual abilities resemble those of a sheep, I could not comprehend the content the Español-sprint-speaking woman screamed at me. Instead of an 8:30am ticket, I was coerced into purchasing a 6pm busride. As German Mountain Man (my traveling companion for the past week), aka my savior and Español translator, left last night for Lima, I determined today I would spend some hours catching up on shotjot.com and my correspondence (as if I have any). This is my third Internet cafe of the day. I have learned some things of the town i am in: 1) For every fifteen shops, only one is open today, though it is Friday. This may be because everyone is celebrating Jesus. 2) As I am in the third and final Internet cafe currently open in the entire town, I feel justified in saying that these Peruvians think porn is in every aspect of my Internet life. Because of porn blockades, I can´t go to my website, my editing site to add a blog, I can´t compose an e-mail, can´t access one of my e-mail addresses, can´t send any messages via Facebook, and cant even visit Wikipedia. What if I wanted to look up the definition of porn block?
And this morning a three-year-old peed on me while his parents congratulated him for having the urination control of a two-month-old. Oh, and I am the only white person in this town. I miss you! lets go to Costa Rica in a month??

Brother´s Response:
Peruvians are really religious or something and think the devil or porn will make its appearance on the Internet and therefore not let you really use it, I guess?
Hey, I learned a fun fact by the way while i was in Hawaii for spring break; I read in the paper there that Hawaii is the per capita #2 state consumer of porn in the US, preceded by....Utah!!! Hahaha I thought it was hilarious.
And you're getting peed on by little children? I assume you did something to provoke him?

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MotivatedMonkey said...

haha! even wikipedia was blocked?! wow.. that's really funny! haha! I have some funny stories of my own, why don't you check 'em out? http://www.MotivatedMonkey.com