April 3rd 9:25am - Going to Bolivia

On Lake Titicaca I jaunted on to a boat that dwelled on various islands over two days.
Aside from myself, the passengers encompassed a German with Mountain Man hair, a guy from Holland, couples from France, Canada, the United States, and a solo Canadian girl.
Upon introducing herself the Canadian informed me faster than my drunken pee-sprint out of my Spanish test last year that she had recently completed her PhD and promptly decided to break up with her boyfriend and travel around the world for a year with an around-the-world ticket. The wind played with my clothes and my skin absorbed the scalding sun like my alcoholic friend consumes beer.
I was quasi-comfortably clothed in a short dress and sandals. Canadian looked like a cross between a midget and a llama. At 4´11¨ she wore Alpaca (llama) sweatshirt, beanie, gloves, scarf, and socks. These Alpaca clothing items were in varying colors (brown, blue, white, and pink), stitched with white llama patterns. Her jeans, three shirts, and jacket completed the ensemble. Before I could inform her I got laid off and instead of looking for a job, caught a flight to South America, the two of us were traveling on a seven-hour bus ride to Bolivia together the following day and she was solidifying synchronous hostal stays. I had not planned on visiting Bolivia. But now I had a llama-clad midget Canadian companion.

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