January 6th 9:55am - Vegas 2010 You Know You're Drunk When...

Vegas 2010. New Years. You Know You're Drunk When...

* On New Year's Eve you exit the casino you're staying in for five minutes to watch the countdown. Then you return to the casino. The entire night, you're outside five minutes total.

* You black-out and don't remember ass-flashing anyone. You also don't remember having sex with a girl in the closet, putting her midget-hat on your bare ass, or picking up your ex-girlfriend over your shoulder until you crash to the ground. You missed midnight because you passed out on top of the bed.

* You eye-rape a male thinking it's a female.

* You have a four-some between two couples. The only thing you say the next morning to combat the accusations: "Captain Morgan is the only one who will ever know." You never admit to the four-some.

* The five o'clock evening sun (i.e. natural sunlight) blinds you because you've been inside drinking all day.

* You and your friend switch girlfriends for the night.

* You attempt handstand push-ups. As do two of your friends. You fall on each other.

* You (a man) slow dance with another man in your hotel room. Without music.

* Nobody in your group knows where the black hairy mustache came from.

* You deem it okay to descend into the casino wearing only a white bathrobe.

* You cease life-functioning while standing in the front row at a live band performance.

*You dry-sex/dry-ass-rape-dance with a girl for forty minutes. The next morning you don't recall dancing with her.

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