January 5th 4:15pm - Las Vegas 2010 Quotebook #2

New Years 2010. We did Vegas. Again.

Stripper to Ass-Flash: "You look like a paraplegic bartender. I call them Shorty."

Parrot: "Where'd this come from? And why is it in the bed? It looks like a mustache."
Me: "Oh, that must be from the gorilla suit I wore last night."

Parrot: "If I post this picture on Facebook, all my gay guy friends will go nuts."

Me: "You guys, Ryan saved Stripper!"
New Bryan with an I: "My name's not Ryan. It's Brian."
Me: "You guys, Ryan carried Stripper up here!"
New Bryan with an I: "My name's Brian."
Me: "Ya. Thanks Ryan."

New Bryan with an I: "Don't worry, I'll bring her back in one piece."
Murph: "We're not too worried about that."

New Bryan with an I: "Is Stripper still breathing?"
Murph: "Don't worry, this is normal for us."

Natty Light: "I'm allergic to alcohol now."

Murph: "I'd fucking love a hard woody right now."

T-Rex: "I hate natural light. It really upsets me."

Murph: "Hey, where you at?"
Ass-Flash: "Drinking."
Murph: "Where in the casino are you?"
Ass-Flash: "Fun Bar."
Murph: "Where in the casino are you drinking at?"
Ass-Flash: "y a ti."

Me: "Hey, where are you guys?"
Ash-Flash: "The best bar in the world."
Me: "And where's that?"
Ash-Flash: "The world famous party bar."
Me: "I hate you."

T-Rex: "I need to go to Euro to meet more Aussies."

T-Rex: "Dude, you're a one-trick pony."

T-Rex: "I want to go overseas. Kara, how do I do that?"
Me: "Not an option. They wouldn't let you overseas."

T-Rex: "The blonde Swede from Australia took my belt off and whipped me with it last night."

T-Rex (after hooking up for twenty minutes in one of the rooms): "Is someone in here?"
J: "Yes. Can you guys please go somewhere else?"
T-Rex: "Earmuffs. Earmuffs."

Natty Light: "In what state is it legal to leave a hotel room like this?"
Me: "Las Vegas?"

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