August 3rd 12:40pm - Mini Titans and Underwear

The following week at Mini Titans, the little boys jumped off the stage, tackled each other, and rocketed objects at each other's heads. After a ball collided with the three-year-old's temple, he lay prostrate on the floor. I was concerned for his brain and concussion possibility.
As I elevated myself from the bench to check the little boy for traumatic head injury, Coach screamed at him, "Are you a sissy? Are you a little girl?"
When the three-year-old didn't move, I began jogging towards his debilitated limbs.
Coach yelled, "You're a little girl who wears pink undies," and the three-year-old launched into the air.
"I am not," he cried. "They're stripeys!"
He nosedived his pants to the floor, revealing green and blue striped underwear.

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